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Plus 11 Trainer



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If you activate this +11 trainer for the action adventure game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations it will give you: unlimited health, unlimited money/ammo/items, unlimited morale, unlimited assassins signal, unlimited assassins exp/skill points, unlimited bombs, indestructible armor, max/min notoriety.

Note: This cheat is for the all versions of the game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.


NUMPAD 1: Infinite Health
NUMPAD 2: Infinite Money
NUMPAD 3: Infinite Ammo/Bombs/Knives/Arrows/Potion/Poison
NUMPAD 4: Infinite Morale
NUMPAD 5: Infinite Assassins Signal
NUMPAD 6: Infinite Assassins Experience
NUMPAD 7: Infinite Assassins Skill Points
NUMPAD 8: Enemies Don’t Attack
NUMPAD 9: Infinite Bombs
NUMPAD 0: Indestructible Armor
NUMPAD +: MAX Notoriety
NUMPAD -: MIN Notoriety
END: Disable All

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  1. Chenz dice:

    the cheat doesn’t work, even though my game is running

  2. Guille dice:

    Los Links no funcionan.

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