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Dead Island: Riptide v1.4.0 Steam +23 Trainer [LinGon]


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LinGon released an updated +23 trainer for the survival action role playing game Dead Island: Riptide, he added some new options that you might find useful. Here are cheat codes that you can use: infinite health, infinite stamina, infinite fury, refill fury, add money, infinite upgrade points, infinite ammo, no reload, infinite weapon durability, set massive XP, add 10.000 XP, set 0 experience, one hit kill, super accuracy, no recoil, zombie master, infinite flashlight, speed up, bullet time, super speed, super jump, store location, teleport, undo teleportation.

Note: This cheat is for the Steam 1.4.0 version of the game Dead Island: Riptide.

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Home ~ Enable Codes
F1 ~ Infinite Health
F2 ~ Infinite Stamina
F3 ~ Infinite Fury
F4 ~ Refill Fury
F5 ~ Add Money
F6 ~ Infinite Upgrade Points
F7 ~ Infinite Ammo
F8 ~ No Reload
F9 ~ Infinite Weapon Durability
F10 ~ Set Massive XP
F11 ~ Add 10.000 XP
F12 ~ Set 0 XP
Insert ~ One Hit Kill
Page Up ~ Super Accuracy
Page Down ~ No Recoil
End ~ Zombie Master
Delete ~ Infinite Flashlight
Numpad 1 ~ Speed Up
Number 4 ~ Bullet Time
Number 5 ~ Super Speed
Number 6 ~ Super Jump – Lite
Number 7 ~ Super Jump – Boosted

Number 8 ~ Store Location
Number 9 ~ Teleport
Number 0 ~ Undo Teleportation

Additional Info:
F1 – This will protect you from any damage.
F2 – You’ll be in top shape.
F3 – Prevents your fury from running out.
F4 – Lets you instantly refill your fury.
F5 – Increase your current amount of money.
F6 – Lets you upgrade all your skills.
F7 – Gives you an infinite amount of ammo for all your weapons.
F8 – You won’t have to reload while shooting.
F9 – Your weapons will never break
F10 – You’ll have infinite experience points. Enable the option and enter the Upgrade menu to see results.
F11 – Add 10.0000 experience at a time. Enable the option and enter the Upgrade menu to see results. Repeat steps for more XP.
F12 – Removes all your XP. Enable the option and enter the Upgrade menu to see results.
Insert – Lets you take out the zombies easily.
Page Up – This will increase your weapons accuracy.
Page Down – This will decrease the recoil effect on your weapons.
End – Zombies won’t attack you anymore.
Delete – Flashlight won’t run out of battery.
Numpad 1 – This will increase overall speed.
Number 4 – This will slow down overall movement.
Number 5 – Increases your running speed.
Number 6 – Lets you jump higher.
Number 7 – Lets you jump much higher.

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