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GRID 2 – AVX Mode v1.01 Steam +5 Trainer [LinGon]


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This +5 trainer has been created for the AVX Mode of the racing simulation game GRID 2, it was made by LinGon and it will provide you with several cheats when activated: reset flashbacks, always first, add 1.000 fan points, add 10.000 fan points, reset race event timer.

Note: This cheat tool is for the Steam 1.01 version of the game GRID 2 – AVX Mode.

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Home ~ Enable Codes
F1 ~ Reset Flashbacks
F2 ~ Always First
F3 ~ Add 1.000 Fan Points
F4 ~ Add 10.000 Fan Points
F5 ~ Reset Race Event Timer

Additional Info:

F1 – Lets you reset your current flashback.
F2 – You will always win, even if you finish the last.
F3/F4 – Lets you add fan points each time you press these keys within a race.
F5 – Lets you reset the race timer.

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