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XBox 360 Just Cause 2 All TU Plus 11 Trainer-XBox 360
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Just Cause 2 All TU Plus 11 Trainer-XBox 360

XBox 360


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Title ID: 534307E7
Media ID: 57290BAA
TU: All


Infinite Grenades
Max Chaos**
Max Weapon Parts**
Max Armor Parts**
Max Vehicle Parts**
Max Money**
Money Never Decrease
Infinite Ammo/No Reload
Infinite Timer Missions
Infinite Timer Mini Games
Increased Max Health/Infinite Health

***For Grenades/triggered explosives. They will decrease in value, just throw a frag grenade to max them out again.
***Max chaos/Max money/Max parts- YOU MUST enable these options and cause CHAOS to modify the values. Armor Parts is always set to 4, so you can gain 1 and upgrade, then can cause chaos again to regain 4.
*** Health is set to 9999999 which is nearly impossible to die with. Grenades don’t kill you etc. Again you MUST first enable and gain chaos, then you will have max/inf health
*** Enable all option leaves out the timers as if they are not needed they should be turned off.


Download Files
Place in game directory
Launch Trainer_Loader.xex
Launch game
Press back + Dpad Up for trainer menu

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