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All – Unlockables unlockitall

Player Ability
Give Cash ($100,000) – cheese
Weapons [Note 1] – letsrock
Vehicle No Damage – vroom
Repair current vehicle – repaircar
Clear Notoriety – goodygoody
Infinite Sprint – runfast
Disable Warden Spawns – nowardens
Instant Warden Notoriety – instantwarden
Unlock Blast – superblast
Unlock Buff – superbuff
Unlock Death From Above – superdfa
Unlock Stomp – superstomp
Unlock Telekinesis – supertk
Disable Super Movement – nosupermove
Disable Super Powers – nosuperpowers

Spawn alien hover tank – givehovertank
Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike) – givetrouble

ASCII mode – ascii
Big Head mode – bigheadmode
Disable Glitch FX – noglitchcity
Evil Cars – evilcars
Fast Forward (time speeds up) – fastforward
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air) – fryhole
Insane City – insanecity
Mascots (mascot pedestrians) – mascot
Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians) – hohoho
Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles easily) – isquishyou

Silverlink [Note 2]
Golden Gun (one-hit kills) – goldengun
Rated M++ (everyone killed explodes into blood) – notrated
Slow Motion (time slows down) – slowmo

DLC [Note 3]
All Super Upgrades – dlc_sosuper
Infinite Ammo – dlc_unlimited_ammo
Infinite Clip – dlc_unlimited_clip
Infinite Mass – dlc_car_mass
Never Die – dlc_never_die
Super Power Strength 100% – dlc_superduper



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